Sleep wrinkles have long been overlooked in the anti-ageing world, where focus tend to be on either expression lines, caused by muscle contraction or sagging areas needing filling. The sleep wrinkles are those wrinkles we can't eliminate easily, and therefore prevention is crucial!



Sleep lines are basically developed by squishing your face into the pillow for 8 hours repeatedly night after night. It is only logical that these wrinkle become permanent, exactly like the contraction wrinkles.. 


They are typically the nasolabial wrinkles, the vertical/diagonal lines  around the eyes and most vertical creases on your forehead and cheeks.  And lets not forget the neck and chest creases, below is a picture of a person in the morning, after being "huddled" up in bed, eventually these lines will unfortunately become permenent..


Repeately and Prolonged pressure on the skin has also been linked to break-down of collagen, according to recent science. 

Since sleep lines are not caused by muscle contraction, most cosmetic treatments such as Botox will unfortunately not be very effective in treating the majority of this type of wrinkles.

In order to preserve skin texture, preventive mesaures are necessary to avoid developing or deepening these lines and creases.

 RetouchPillow provides the solution to keep you face safe from the pressure that eventually will lead to more wrinkles. 

Let's also not forget the added benefit of not waking up with a puffy face, caused by your face collecting fluids during sleep. Latest research has also linked black circles under the eyes a "side effect" of sleeping with the head facing down as blood is pressed to the front of the face.. 

 Additionally we prevent drying our skin out with moisture- absorbing cotton pillow cases and rubbing our nighttime skincare products off.


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According to leading dermatologists, when our skin is not in direct contact with the pillow during sleep, we keep the pores free and therefore avoid spreading bacteria from one area of the face to another.